Eating disorders are, as my therapist describes them, a beast.

Whether you have some disordered eating habits, you’re in the middle of a full blown eating disorder, you’re in recovery, or you’re just thinking about maybe someday possibly perhaps trying that thing called recovery, this blog is a space for you. If you’re looking for support, encouragement, relatability, a real life all-the-ups-and-all-the-downs-included recovery story, and food adventures along the way as I use Hello Fresh to teach myself to cook and support my recovery, you’ll feel right at home here. 

What to expect…

You’ll find posts that include personal recovery experiences, learning intuitive eating, exploration of eating disorders, Hello Fresh meals with an eating disorder recovery theme, exercises to support you through your own recovery, and more as the blog and I grow together.

Where did the idea for Fresh Recovery come from…

The idea for Fresh Recovery was born about 3 weeks after I started Hello Fresh meal delivery service, when I realized I was taking pictures of all my finished meals with my phone and swiping through them when I had the urge to binge/purge to remind myself how beautiful and nourishing food can be. I thought that while I’m learning that food can be beautiful and nourishing, maybe there’s others out there who need to learn it, too. 

  • Who need to learn that nourishing yourself with food is one of the highest forms of self-care.
  • Or need to learn that maybe their disordered eating isn’t about the food, and dig into what it is about.
  • Or need reminding that an eating disorder is a part of them, it does not make up who they are (even though at times it feels like it).

At the end of the day, I believe I can recover. And I believe you can recover. And Fresh Recovery is here to support that journey.



How did I get here…

It was Sunday, May 5th, 2019. I had been four months free of binge eating behaviors and four years free of bulimic behaviors. I was on the keto diet after reading a studying showing keto managed bipolar symptoms as well as, if not better than, certain medications. I had no idea that over the next week, I would relapse into bulimia.

A month later my psychiatrist and I would agree to put a pause to my ongoing depression therapy and enter eating disorder treatment with a specialist. As my therapist put it, “When you have a fire in the kitchen, you don’t spend your time watering the plants in the living room. Your bulimia is the fire in the kitchen. The depression is the plants. Take care of the fire.”

I would drop keto, learning the restriction involved with the diet was the cause of my relapse and it was only a matter of time, that any kind of restriction will always trigger eating disorder and binge behaviors.

I would be thrown into the world of Intuitive Eating, the modality my treatment center uses for recovery.

And I would realize that I needed to learn how to actually cook after 15+ years of disordered eating if I was going to truly normalize my relationship with food.

So a week later I would get my first Hello Fresh box in the mail after looking into cooking lessons and finding out they’re apparently only for rich people. I had read about others learning how to cook with Hello Fresh and I was hopeful that teaching myself to cook and creating some structure around food would be a helpful, supportive step forward in my recovery. My ED therapist agreed.

One month of treatment and Hello Fresh later, and my binge/purge episodes had slowly become under control, down to 1-2 times per week and only occurring with triggers instead of constantly.

As my therapist and I continue working on eliminating the behaviors, we also dive into other painful pieces associated with eating disorders: negative body image, low self-worth, lack of confidence. I leave every session with homework. Then I actually do the homework. It’s very unlike me.

But if there’s one thing I know about recovery, it’s that it shifts your entire world and who you are.

And that’s exactly what we need.


Amanda Gist is a former Hollywood actress-turned-mental health advocate and macaroni & cheese enthusiast. She’s been featured on websites like Elephant Journal, The Daily Mail, and Eating Disorder Hope. Her hero is: Robin Williams. Her personal motto is: “I Am Enough.” Her favorite role was the nameless Pretty Brunette opposite Greg Kinnear on FOX. You can find more of Amanda’s work at AmandaGist.com and @AmandaGist