How Meal Structure Affects Binges + Heirloom Tomato Mushroom Raviolis


Okay, so I’m still in the process of getting used to not being scared of carbs again after my adventure with keto and I’ve been choosing a lot of pasta dishes for my Hello Fresh boxes as suggested exposure therapy.

Even though I’ve only just started blogging my Hello Fresh meals here at Fresh Recovery, I’ve been using the service for about one month and this mushroom ravioli is definitely my favorite so far. But to be completely transparent, I LOVE any type of raviolis, and in my short time being part of the Hello Fresh family I’ve already made lobster raviolis, spinach raviolis, and now the mushroom. If I stop posting you’ll know I turned into a ravioli.

This was my first time using a shallot. Actually I didn’t even know what one was. So there’s that. Turns out it’s not an onion but it’s onion-like and it lives in the onion family. The shallot was sliced up tiny-ish and pan-seared in olive oil with the sliced mushrooms as one of the first steps in the dish.

The little heavenly pillows of mushroom known as raviolis were then cooked separately and later added to the seared shallot & mushrooms, all coated in a thick sauce made with sour cream, mushroom stock concentrate, parmesan cheese, and parsley. Add in the halved heirloom tomatoes and you have the full dish, ready to roll. 

This dish started off my week strong having meals prepped for the first two days (there’s two servings per Hello Fresh meal) and lowering my risk of having a binge/purge episode, a risk I’ve recently learned through treatment the probability of goes way up when I don’t have planned, structured food. Binges are often triggered by instances when you don’t know ahead of time what you’re going to be eating, when you’re left with all the food possibilities in the world open to you. Eating disorder behaviors thrive off of that unknown and use it as a way to sneak in and attack.

This is one way so far I’ve learned Hello Fresh contributes positively to my recovery: adding structure to my relationship with food, something I’ve never had before. Fresh groceries delivered, on schedule, every week. They’re in my refrigerator. Not at the store where I have to go get them. Which means I’m only responsible for making the time and putting forth the effort of cooking them, leaving me few excuses to be caught up a creek without meals prepped.

So here’s to starting strong and to mushroom raviolis full of carbs. Recovery never tasted so good. xx


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